8 Week
First Client
Freelance Motion Mentorship

Discover the roadmap to earning more money by doing what you love!

Are you working a Motion Design job?

Do you feel like you’ve hit a creative ceiling at your company? The work is no longer creatively challenging and it feels like you are not growing anymore…
Are you underpaid? And there is no easy way to increase your income.
There is no time to upskill. You are churning out animations like a machine every day so there is no spare time.
You want a better work-life balance but you are not in a position to spend your time how you choose.

Freelancing is the solution…but you:

Don’t know where to start?
Don’t know how to get leads/clients?
You Lack business skills – Sales, negotiation, marketing, and finances.
Don’t know what to charge?
You’ve never worked with clients before and have no idea what to look out for, how to invoice, set the correct terms, and build long-lasting relationships.
Boxed-in Cylinder

Let’s unlock your potential!

Get your first paying Client!
Earn MORE money…by doing what you love.
Discover the path to success with your freelance Motion Design Business. Everything you need to get started doing client work and generating a consistent income.
Create a better work-life balance. Design your life and create spare time. Use this time to upskill, work ON your business or take time off.
Professional and Creative fulfillment
Build relationships with clients that will pay you for the work you want to do
Mentorship orb

What’s Included?

8x 1-hour video calls.
1 per week for 8 weeks.

I will be your accountability partner making sure you stick to a personally designed goals framework to get you your first client! On top of that, I’ll provide a roadmap for long-term success as Motion Design Freelancer.

Exclusive access

+ Email Communication
+ WhatsApp Communication

I will be available via email and WhatsApp for any extra input you need.

+ Bonus Programs

Get access to additional programs to help you get better at Motion Design while you build your freelancing business

+ Bonus Templates

All the templates you need to make sure you are ready to collect leads, reach out to them, send invoices, and create contracts.

+ Bonus Tools

Including calculators to help assist you with your financial goals.

Or book a call to see if we are a good fit:

Mentorship Framework:

The most important part of this mentorship. Don’t underestimate its power. I’m guiding you and making sure you stay on track

Get up and running with your freelance Business
Everything you need to know, guided by your specific needs and circumstances

Reel and website review
We’ll assess these and determine ways to improve and leverage them better

How to find clients and reach out to them
A systematic process for lead generation to get you some quick wins

How to charge correctly
Don’t make the mistakes new freelancers make

How to deal with clients and what to look out for
Negotiating your prices, client red flags, project terms, etc.

The business fundamentals you need to know
treat your freelance journey…as a business.

How to leverage social media over time to get clients
Social media can become a powerful tool to establish yourself and get work

How to continuously improve both your skills and the quality of your client work
The process for a long-term upward spiral

Goal setting and long-term success
How to continue your journey and keep meeting your goals

8-week First Client Freelance Motion Mentorship

Price: $1997

Mentorship orb

1-on-1 Mentorship

+1-hour weekly calls
+ Email Communication
+ WhatsApp Communication

Bonus Programs

+ Infinite Lead Generation Machine
+ 30-day Level-up Your Design Challenge
+ Motion Practice Quest

Bonus Templates and Tools

+ Invoice template
+ Contract template
+ Day rate calculator
+ Financial goal calculator


David Brophy

Let’s work together to help you start your own freelance business!


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