Hi! I’m Cameron Shefer-Boswell!

This is a bit about me…starting with the normal stuff but then we’ll take a dive into the juicy stuff that no one asked for…or perhaps even wanted…

A bit about me…

As someone who studied Fine Art at University, I never had any formal training in graphic design, Illustration, or animation. So, everything I’ve ever learned about motion design was gained through youtube tutorials, courses, and practice, practice, practice…

Through all of that, I’ve reached a fairly high level of motion design skill…not because I’m particularly talented but rather because I simply worked harder than anyone else.

I learned the benefit of working hard while I was studying Fine Art so, while others were going home, I would stay and work…

…While others were going out on Fridays, I would stay home so I would be fresh to work on my latest artwork the next day! And there were obvious rewards…I received higher marks and better feedback on my work.

This was lonely at times, but in the long run, it helped me on the journey to finding people who also had a deep drive to improve and achieve! I believe people like that are invaluable in life and will push you to greater heights!

All this to say that I have always pushed hard for my goals and in doing so, I have built a strong will, backed up with consistent effort.

I have poured that effort into the craft of animation and motion design because…I love it…it allows for so much creative freedom and expression. You can bring to life whatever you want and I find that exciting, spicy and delectable!

If you share a passion for the craft and a strong desire to get better, welcome to the club!

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I’ve reached a fairly high level of motion design skill…not because I’m particularly talented but rather because I simply worked harder than anyone else

Why should you care…

I have been in the Motion Design industry for about 8 years as an employee and as a freelancer.

Before I went freelance I worked in online education, creating animations for courses as well as for a studio called MUTI where I worked with clients like Facebook, Uber, BMW, AT&T and Apple, to name a few.

I have since dedicated myself to creating the best possible youtube tutorials and content. I am a big believer in lifelong learning so I aim to keep growing and then teaching what I learn!

I would like to take anyone who is willing, on that journey where we can work hard together, become better Motion Designers together and be proud of ourselves and our work! Let’s level up and gain that motion…XP.

I am a generally nerdy dude who still watches cartoons and anime. I have spent thousands of hours playing Borderlands 3, Half-Life and Portal.

I also have a bit of a vulgar sense of humor and that sometimes comes out in my work and content.

So, if sexy jokes, in poor taste are your thing, you’ve come to the right place.

Now for the stuff that no one asked for…

Now we’re gonna peel back a layer and have a look at some of my inside parts…the things that I feel have shaped my journey and helped me keep pushing to get better as well as the references that have informed my visual sensibilities.

I’m going full monty here…no holes barred…the unadulterated facts…the TMI’s and NSFW’s

My values

These are the things that I believe are important…to me, to life, to success in whatever you do. This is not supposed to be preachy, I just want to share the values that I have found helpful and motivating in my own life.

  • Consistency – All goals are achieved through consistent effort. This is perhaps the most important value I have.
  • Purpose – I believe Purpose is simply what you do every day…and the goal is to find the thing that you will enjoy doing every day. This will change throughout your life but without something to do every day your mind, willpower, and motivation will atrophy.
  • Being Present – I believe we should aim to be present whenever we can. Too much identification with thought is unhealthy in my opinion. This is why I meditate.
  • Getting outside of my comfort zone – comfort is nice but its not where growth happens.
  • Pushing myself – this aligns with the above but I love pushing myself and the world around me…boundaries are mostly imaginary.
  • Health – Health is wealth…as they say. Exercise, eating healthy, drinking enough water…I do as much as I can to improve my health and in turn, my quality of life. We only get this one life so why not be the best versions of ourselves while we have it!
  • Lifelong learning – I view learning as a continuous journey and these days I like to read/watch things that relate to my current purpose. So, I can apply what I learn immediately, so I don’t just forget it.

My Current Morning Routine

You’re probably asking yourself why is he sharing his morning routine…that’s a good question and the only answer I have is that I think morning routines are important so I wanted to share mine. Morning routines intrigue me and I like hearing about other peoples morning routines…so, if you have one, I would like to hear it!

  • 7 am wake-up
  • Hot water with half a lemon and some salt
  • Write down 3-5 things I want to achieve for the day (both work-related and personal)
  • 4x daily shoulder health exercises
  • Calf stretches (2x 30 sec holds)
  • 2x Knees over toes exercises (for my genetically weak knees­čśů )
  • Cold shower
  • 10-minute meditation (using the app Waking Up. Get a free month with this link)
  • Breakfast
Your morning routine sets the tone of your whole day so don’t miss this opportunity to set yourself up for productivity! Learn about other peoples morning routines and then experiment with your own!


This is the material I have engaged with throughout my life that has influenced who I am as well as my aesthetic sensibilities.

What I watched as a kid…

I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid that informed who I am today…here are some of them:

  • Samurai Jack
  • Dragonball Z
  • Disney’s Hercules
  • Pokemon
  • Dumbo

My Favourite Entertainment


  • Death Note
  • Bleach
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Shingeki no kyojin (Attack on Titan)


  • The Matrix – Love all 3…I don’t care what anyone says. The 4th is absolut trash though.
  • Akira – Do I even need to say anything about this? Cmon!
  • Spirited away
  • Any Spiderman movies – I just like Spiderman

Tv shows

  • Rick and Morty
  • Cyberpunk Edgerunners – so damn good
  • Arcane – the visual style = amazing
  • Batman Beyond – The animated series


  • Portal 1&2 – I love puzzle games…perhaps that’s why I like motion design…solving problems)
  • Half-life
  • Borderlands 2&3
  • Tomb Raider (one of my favourite computer games from my younger years…I can still see those low poly ‘assets’ and low res textures)
  • GTA San Andreas – I played this game way too much when I was younger


Books I have and recommend for animation

Some Quick-fire questions:

Q: Do you Exercise?

A: Yes! Consistently. I believe everyone should be doing some form of exercise (creatives are not excluded). I focus on building strength and I do around 4-5 workouts a week!

Q: What do I usually eat for breakfast

A: Soup…

Q: Thoughts on Coffee?

A: I love coffee, especially making it! I became obsessed with latte art after watching videos of how to do it and I have been slowly upgrading my equipment so I can brew great coffee and steam milk properly for latte art. I now have a decent espresso machine and a few other accessories that make the ritual of coffee, that much more enjoyable. You can check out my coffee equipment here...

As much as I love good coffee, I see it as a performance-enhancing drug and all drugs should be treated as such. I limit myself to 2 coffees a day and ideally just one.

Q: What’s your biggest fear

A: Losing a limb.

Q: What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep (and why)?

A: 48 hours, I was trying to get everything done for my final years exam at Art School.

Q: What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

A: Bungee Jumping. I am scared of heights so this was terrifying. I’ve never heard myself scream like I did the moment I leaped off that ledge.

Q: What’s your favorite type of foreign food?

A: Ramen.

Q: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

A: I’m more on the Introverted side of the spectrum.

Some other shit I like to say:

With no context…think about it…

“Thinking is the enemy of Creativity”

“Experiences are the spice of life”

“Rest is as important to productivity as work itself”

– Cameron Shefer-Boswell

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