Practice...made easy!

Take the steps to transform from a beginner to a pro!

Do you struggle with consistent practice…or coming up with ideas for practice?

Consistent practice is critical to developing your skills as a Motion Designer…but finding the time and motivation for practice is difficult…not to mention, what does effective practice actually look like..?

…and so, we end up doing nothing…

…And that’s why I developed this program to make practice simpler and to lower the barriers to entry…


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Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to practice?

If you are working a full-time job or freelancing, it can feel like there is no time to upskill and it is hard to build up the motivation in your spare time.

Don’t worry, this program is flexible, based on your time constraints, in order to maximize whatever amount of time you have and lower the mental effort required to practice.

Gain Confidence and create work you’re Proud of…

stand on your own two feet in After Effects

I designed this program so that it forces you to solve real creative problems…just like the ones you’ll encounter in the real world.

So, instead of spoon-feeding you an animation and showing you exactly how something is done, you are required to figure a lot out yourself. You will be guided toward your final animation but the results will be entirely your own!

…through this process, you will gain confidence in your own abilities and learn how to stand on your own two feet in After Effects!

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What are Questers Saying?

Motion Practice Quest

Price: $97

Feedback Fast Track


Get my personal feedback on each quest animation and level up even faster

Join 100+ questers!

What do you get?

8 Unique Quests

Each with its own theme and creative brief to guide your practice.

Theory and Practical

Each quest has a theory and practical component to teach you concepts and skills you may not know or apply currently.

Visual Assets and Boards

Each quest will include an Illustrator file with ready-to-animate boards and ready-to-go styles. Some quests will also include music and SFX.

Inspiration Boards

There will also be a mood board linking to high-quality Motion Design references to get you inspired for each quest.

Quest Contents

Quest 1 | Principles of Design

Quest 2 | Principles of Animation

Quest 3 | Narrative/Storytelling

Quest 4 | Style

Quest 5 | Typography

Quest 6 | Stacking Effects/Techniques

Quest 7 | Transitions

Quest 8 | Portfolio Piece

PRACTICE every aspect of motion design… according to your goals:

Storyboarding and Illustration

You could choose to focus on just storyboarding and illustration if these are the areas you need to practice the most.


Styled boards and assets are included in each quest so you can practice without the massive task of figuring this out. Of course, you can also choose to come up with your own styles as well.


Each quest also includes ready-to-animate boards so that you can jump into animation immediately.


Ideally, you would do it all but it comes down to your personal goals and time constraints.

Who is this program for?

Beginners who have learned the basics of After Effects

Intermediate animators who want to practice more and level up

Anyone looking to improve their motion design through practice

Motion Designers looking to get more experience, charge higher rates, and gain more confidence

Anyone who is serious about getting better and is willing to work hard to get there

This IS Not a Course

It is a Motion DESIGN Workout Plan!

I have been very deliberate in my choice of the word ‘program’ because this is not a course. Each quest is a creative brief designed to level up your motion design skills and…

Improve your:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technical skills
  • Animation and Design Theory
  • Overall Confidence

Designed to be repeatable!

You can go through each quest numerous times and get unique results! So, with a single purchase, you can keep making motion gains and leveling up your skills.

Accountability partners Play for Free

An accountability partner is someone who is going to join the Motion Practice Quest with you and take on the challenge of getting better. Doing challenges like this with someone really helps keep you on track as you literally keep each other ‘accountable’ to the goal.

I believe that having an accountability partner is so helpful in making progress that I will always offer massive discounts for anyone who wants to do this program with someone else! You can choose to gift a friend a membership or you can split the cost together!

Once you’ve purchased this package you will be able to access instructions to allow your partner to sign up and activate their own copy of the program.

Motion Practice Quest – Accountability Partner

Price For two: $194

New Price: $97 + Free for Accountability partner!

Feedback Fast Track – Add-on

What is it?

This package allows you to get my personal feedback for every animation you produce throughout this program.

I will go through each of your animations frame-by-frame and provide areas of improvement.

Level UP even Faster!

Constructive feedback can be a game-changer when it comes to improving your animation skills.

It can massively speed up your progress by pointing out things you may be overlooking.

I have hands-on experience with reviewing animation as this was part of my job description as a Senior Motion Designer at my previous company. So, you will be in good hands.

What you get:

  • Up to 8 animations reviewed
  • Up to 3 Illustrations or animations for Quest 4
  • Up to 3 animations for Quest 6
  • 30-second maximum for animations with 1 round of reviews

How it will work:

  • You will upload your animations or illustrations to for each quest
  • I’ll review each animation, going through it frame-by-frame
  • You will receive detailed comments (with drawings if necessary) on how you can improve your work.
Feedback stack

Backed by my “go through the Motions” guarantee!

Access is limited!

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Motion Practice Quest

Price: $97


Feedback Fast Track

$150 per review =

Total value: $1200

Price: $497

Level up faster with guided practice…it’s that simple

I have been doing Motion Design for 8 years now and looking back at my own journey, it was obvious that my growth was always the result of getting in hours and hours worth of practice…My initial animations were not good but I just kept on going and over time they got better and better…

But back then I had no idea how to practice and there were times when it felt impossible and that I would never have what it takes to make professional-level Motion Design work…there were so many things I just didn’t know and…

…If I had a program like this back then, to steer me in the right direction, my progress would have been much faster!


You could keep feeling unconfident, never reach your potential, keep making snail-paced progress due to a lack of proper practice…or click the button below to make a change now!

Motion Practice Quest

Price: $97

Feedback Fast Track

Price: $497


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